Posted by: tireecottage | May 4, 2009

The Battle of Tiree Sheaves

This ancient Tiree battle is believed to have been fought between Loch Bhasapol and Cornaigmore beach (within 1 mile from Struthan Cottage!) many centuries ago.

Vikings try to take Tiree

Vikings try to take Tiree

Fionn (meaning “Fair”) was the son of an irish mother and Norse father. One day, while working in the fields with his followers, Fionn suddenly spotted Norsemen coming to attack them from the nearby beach. He immediately sent Thinman, also known as Duorglas or Gleghlas (“Intensly Gray”) and famous for his great speed, and the Back of the Wind macae, son of Ronan, to fetch weapons from Ciste nan Arm, a small armoury in Caolas, a distance of 8 miles away.

The story continues with the Norsemen landing and the battle began, the Tiree folk , led by Fionn only using straw sheaves to defend off the incoming sword blows. They used the sheaves by thrusting them into the bodies of the enemy Viking raiders and held them at bay, long enough until Thinman returned with the weapons. They then fought furiously , defending their families and drove the Norsemen back to the shore, never to return to Tiree again. To this day, there is a saying on the island , “A corn sheaf to its band in a Norsemans stomach“.

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