Posted by: tireecottage | April 18, 2009

Manhours, Thanks and Achievement

Thought i’d give you a little insight into the amount of time the cottage has taken to renovate. (remember we stripped everything out and started from scratch in 2007, with new plumbing, new wiring, new roof and floor etc!). As of this month, we’ve spent 1,578 manhours renovating the cottage! Incredibly 665 of these hours were unpaid/free (nearly half!), due to the extremely kind help of my family assisting me with free labour. Thats a huge saving over the duration of the project!  We’re now feeling an enormous sense of achievement and excitement! Even in times of recession, we’ve managed to renovate this property to an exceptionally high standard and during our spare time! My wife and i have also sacrificed every holiday we’ve had for 2 years to get this project done. Indeed, with myself going up to Tiree every couple of weeks, i’ve now spent over 3 months in total on Tiree during the last 2 years!! (Practically an islander!). It takes up every waking moment, from the time i get home from work , until i go to sleep, (every night without exception!) and we often have to go and collect materials or plan whats next. Then of course, theres the management of the website and bookings (which i dont mind – its nice to be able to help people with equiries!). However, time is currently a luxury i dont have and it’s back to Tiree again on Wednesday for another week, leaving only 4 available holiday days left for me before Christmas!! Very busy times.

I want to say thanks again to my brother Ivan and fiance Leeanne for helping us last week. It was a true act of kindness and assistance when it was much needed.It wont be forgotten. Cheers also to Scott McCracken for giving up his Easter weekend to finish off the plastering. Finally, thanks also to our business partners Jim and Lily, who have contributed financially, and although taken a backseat in the renovation, i think you’ll be very proud and excited when you arrive in Tiree and see what a finished, beautiful cosy house you now own and share! It WILL have been worth it for the holidays you’ll get alone!

On another more sombre note, In Summer 2007 my father sadly passed away from cancer, and before he died, he told me how proud he was that my wife and I had a share in this cottage. He was thrilled to think that our family would be connected to Tiree in some way. He asked us to enjoy the cottage, which is exactly what we plan to do! I know, looking at the cottage now, he would have been very proud indeed. It’s SO exciting to have Struthan Cottage! My father was very close to Tiree, and having this little holiday cottage will always be a reminder for the rest of my life of how close we were, and what happens if I dare to dream.

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