Posted by: tireecottage | April 9, 2009

Back to Tiree for Easter!

My brother, his fiance and my wife and I are just about to leave this evening to go to Tiree. Coming back on Wednesday next week, the next few days will give us some time to paint and decorate and attend to all the little fiddley time consuming finishing tasks. The double glazing is all finished and areas around the windows have been completed! The rubble outside is now all cleared and tidy. Upstairs is now plastered and taped. SO…we’re heading up to get on with the painting.  We’re also taking a removal van up with us, and it’s just stuffed with furniture including the sofabed, matress, chairs and table! We’ve now spent every evening for the last fortnight running around shops for this trip, so hopefully we have everything we need. The sprial staircase also arrived yesterday and is being transported up to Tiree tonight too. Lot of work in building it which our contractor will do next week. (including metal welding all the handrail, landing plate, upper balustrades and additional upper floor supports!

Meantime, the Ferry leaves at 6am tomorrow, so it’ll be a real early alarm call tonight/tomorrow. I’m also armed with a camera this time, so can guarantee we’ll have more pictures of the cottage this time next week! Loads to get done this weekend, so we’re all going to be very busy. Happy Easter everybody!

Note, if anybody sends enquiries about this site over the next few days, we may not be able to reply until Wednesday 15th. Your attention to this is appreciated. Thanks.

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