Posted by: tireecottage | March 27, 2009

Summer Season Booked!

Please be aware that our Summer Season is now fully booked! June, July and August 2009 now all have confirmed bookings, with paid deposits. Of course we’re still taking bookings for September and beyond!

It’s been a whirlwind few months since we launched the website. In only 2 short months, we’ve taken bookings for the entire Summer. Its time to say a few thanks. Thank you to all the people who have written to us by email saying how much they’re looking forward to their holiday and how they’re enjoying reading this News page.

It’s getting there but still some work to do! I’m now up in Tiree every fortnight until June working long weekends to get the Cottage finished. A few more people need thanked though with some of them offering their services as favour, or ex gratia.

Thanks also to Ivan Veverka, Alan Roughead, Mark Beese and Alec McPhail for pushing things along during March, and not forgetting Bill Meadowcroft our contractor, who has worked some enormous shifts during March! It’s all coming together fast. We’re heading back up at Easter for a week, giving up our holidays again to push the decoration along, and with a removal van coming too, we’re actually going to start dressing the house with furniture! That should make for some excellent pictures here in mid April. Thanks to my wife and her mother, the furniture has an “older feeling” in keeping with the traditional style and i have to admit is going to look brilliant! It’s been TWO years of hard graft, sacrificing all holidays and backbreaking effort, but Struthan Cottage is almost ready to open. Coming 30th May 2009.

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